During these times of uncertainty, related to the outbreak of the coronavirus, and the ensuing ‘lockdown’ period,
I would like to offer some emotional support resources in the hope of
assisting you to meet some of the emotional challenges you may face.

Please note that these resources were created by ACT specialist Dr. Russ Harris.

A) Dr. Harris created this clip to assist those struggling with difficult thoughts
and emotions during this time of uncertainty:

FACE - COVID - by Dr. Russ Harris

Herewith a link to an article by Dr. Harris on how to deal with difficult emotions
during this uncertain time related to the coronavirus:

B) This clip by Dr. Russ Harris demonstrates how to deal with difficult emotions
so as not to ‘grow/intensity’ them and furthermore how to engage with what is important to you
whilst experiencing difficult thoughts/emotions:

The Struggle Switch - dealing with anxiety - Dr. Russ Harris

C) This clip is useful in demonstrating how not to get stuck in a spiral of unhelpful thoughts which
may cause you to experience uncomfortable emotions:

How to deal with intrusive worry thoughts - Dr. Russ Harris

Online therapy sessions for existing and new clients:

Thanks to technology I am continuing consultation with current clients,
and am available to make bookings with new clients. The platforms I am using during this
lockdown period are: Zoom, Skype or FaceTime.

If you would like to book a session you are welcome to make contact by calling me
on 0769444533, alternatively send an e-mail to therapy@berniceduplessis.co.za